Activist attorney files suit against non-profit with links to Eric Greitens

June 26, 2018 - 5:10 am

A lawsuit over political dark money and a non-profit group with links to former governor Eric Greitens is getting complicated.

Greitens is not named in the suit, but the charity, called A New Missouri Incorporated, and three board members, are.

The central issue in the filing is transparency, said plaintiff's attorney Elad Gross of St. Louis.

"What this organization was doing with millions of dollars in donations, without exposing who was giving it money, and then trying influence Missouri government and policy," Gross said.

One of  A New Missouri's board members named in the suit is Michael Adams, a lawyer for the Greitens campaign and candidate for Kentucky secretary of state. Earlier, Jay Barnes, former chair of the house committee that investigated Greitens, called the non-profit a criminal enterprise.

Gross, whose LinkedIn page describes him as President and Chief Execitive Officer at Education Exchange Corps, says A New Missouri has not responded to multiple requests for records.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Missouri House panel that investigated Greitens says the committee no longer has authority to take action against the former governor now that he has resigned.

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