This undated photo made available by the Smithsonian Institution shows the Hope Diamond. Blue diamonds are the rarest of all, but how they formed billions of years ago is a mystery. Now, scientists who scrutinized dozens of them conclude that they originated deeper than more common ones. (Dane Penland/Smithsonian Institution via AP)

Deep origin of rare blue diamonds revealed in their flaws

August 01, 2018 - 12:08 pm

WASHINGTON (AP) — Blue diamonds —like the Smithsonian's famous Hope diamond— are the rarest of all. But how they formed more than a billion years ago is a bit of a mystery. Now scientists think they have a glimmer of an answer.

Their research published Wednesday found blue diamonds form deep inside the Earth — deeper than other diamonds.

The scientists scrutinized imperfections in nearly four dozen of the gemstones. They examined tiny slivers of rock encased in the diamonds — virtual time capsules from the moment the diamonds were formed. The composition of the minerals reveals that blue diamonds are formed at extraordinary depths in the Earth.

Their striking blue color comes from traces of the element boron.

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