Assessor defends Jackson County's valuation process

October 08, 2019 - 4:49 am

The Jackson County Assessor defended the process by which properties are valued before a meeting of lawmakers in Jefferson City.

Residents have complained about sharp increases in property taxes, sometimes by hundreds of percentage points. Residents worry they will be taxed out of homes they have lived in for decades.

Gail McCann Beatty told the state legislators Monday there is a simple explanation why the increases were so surprisingly high. 

"Past administrations had jumped in an reduced the values over time," McCann Beatty said. "They want this current administration to do that too."

State law prevents meddling with property valuations, McCann Beatty said. She also claimed her office is understaffed, short on funding and working with outdated technology. 

"We had been so undervalued for so long that it was basically catching up," McCann Beatty said.

The assessor did not answer reporters' questions after her testimony.


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