Blighted block in KC sees major renovation

April 20, 2018 - 4:22 pm

It’s was once one of the most blighted city blocks in KC: East 27th Terrace near Van Brunt.

But dangerous homes and lots are no longer filled with rodents and trash.

Today, there’s an urban garden, a newly-renovated home and several others under renovation.

It’s the work of Tikkun-KC and founder Larry Myer. Several of the homes were slated for demolition by the city until Myer took over.

"On this block alone, we've probably saved the city $50,000 or more by not having to do anything here," Myer told KMBZ.

Tikkun-KC currently owns four houses, three vacant lots, and is in the process of acquiring four more houses on the street.  The non-profit provides deserving low income individuals with an opportunity to become homeowners.

Student volunteers from University Academy and Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy helped with the garden installation Friday.

The first resident, who moved in to his new home in January, will be taking care of the new urban garden.  Jeffrey Talbert says his new home has been a fresh start.

"I met Larry Myer. He's a great guy. And he's doing a lot for the community," Talbert said.

The changes are making neighbors happy too.

"I think it looks pretty good. Makes me feel good that the neighborhood is coming back," says neighbor Johnny Burris, who has lived on the block for 45 years. 


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