A call for priest sex abuse investigation in both Missouri and Kansas

August 20, 2018 - 4:43 pm

Kansas City, MO - A Kansas City attorney is calling for grand jury-style investigations into Catholic priest abuses in the region following the bombshell revelations in a grand jury report identifying predator priest in Pennsylvania.

Rebecca Randles has represented numerous victims in priest sexual abuse lawsuits. She spoke to reporters at a news conference along with four of her clients who claim they were sexually abused by priests in both Kansas and Missouri.

"Rebecca Randles, a Kansas City attorney who has represented victims in dozens of priest sexual abuse lawsuits, says at least 228 current and former priests in Missouri and the Kansas City area have been accused of harming children." Story by @judylthomas https://t.co/PDwZtAosUq

— Steve Vockrodt (@st_vockrodt) August 20, 2018


The men and Randles are calling on the Attorneys General in both states to open investigations like the one in Pennsylvania.

"If there is any request for information from any law enforcement we'll give it, including a grand jury," said Jack Smith, spokesman for the Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese. "We're not trying to hide anything. We want to be completely transparent. We want victims to have justice."

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