Clay County, MO issues mask order for all public places

July 15, 2020 - 2:39 pm

Liberty, MO - The Clay County, Missouri health department is issuing an emergency order requiring face masks or covering to be worn in all public places beginning Sunday, July 19th. 

Face masks will be required in "all indoor areas of public accommodation" in Clay County, including but not limited to grocery and retail stores, special events, public transit, and more, according to the new order.

The order is set to remain in place through Sunday, August 23rd.

County health officials said there are a few exceptions to the face mask requirement. 


Beginning Sunday, July 19, the use of face masks will be required in all indoor areas of public accommodation in Clay County.

More information, including the updated Public Health Emergency Order, can be found at

— Clay County Public Health Center (@claymohealth) July 15, 2020


“Face masks and physical distancing are the two most effective tools we have at our disposal during this time,” said Director of Public Health Gary E. Zaborac. “These simple actions have been proven to reduce the spread of droplets that can carry COVID-19. We are asking everyone in Clay County to do their part to protect themselves and others in our community, especially the most vulnerable.”

“It is critical we take this additional step to require masks in order to slow down increases in cases, to avoid overburdening our health care system, and to avoid the disruption to our local economy that would come if we would have to return to stay at home orders,” said Zaborac.



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