Collectors from around the country at Missouri Treasurer's unclaimed property auction

September 13, 2018 - 6:29 am

A big two-day auction kicks off in Columbia Thursday morning as the Missouri Treasurer's office sells off unclaimed property.

Anyone interested in a dress shirt made of one-dollar bills should know there are two to choose from at the auction, at the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center,
3300 Vandiver Drive.

"A lot of the more popular items, coin collectors, rare coin collectors, that is usually the top auction," said Eric Schmitt, Missouri Treasurer. "People come in from across the country, really."

Schmitt's office oversees the annual auction of items that have accumulated in abandoned safe deposit boxes after 5 years.

"They're sold off and the money is held for the rightful owner," Schmitt said. 

About one in 10 missouri residents has unclaimed property and cash.

"It's fun for me because usually people in-state are taking money," Schmitt said. "We get to return money to people."

The auction is open to the public. It is not online, but a full list of items is available at the Treasurer's website.

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