Color-coded bracelets could communicate COVID-19 status

May 30, 2020 - 8:44 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – People could soon use color-coded bracelets and buttons to help communicate their COVID-19 status as communities begin reopening after months of shutdown restrictions.

The C19 I.D. Project is making bands and pins that reflect an individual’s social-distancing preferences and antibody status, so people feel more at ease going out in public.

A red band tells others, “I'm social distancing. I'm physically distancing. I need space.” A green one conveys, “I tested positive for the antibodies, and I'm willing to socialize normally with other people who feel the same way.”

Barnet said the bracelets and buttons act sort of like traffic lights, helping us to “organize ourselves” and “set our expectations.”

“Those who wear green knowingly take on a risk of socializing, however, only with each other,” the project’s website reads.

Barnet said the bands and pins could “complement what we do from a government standpoint with these social distancing laws and rules.”

According to the C19 I.D. Project, 100 percent of profits are donated to first responder charities.

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