Contractor adds crews to Northland routes to deal with delays in trash pickup

July 19, 2018 - 8:17 am

After repeated issues regarding the collection of trash in the Northland, city officials say they are taking steps to address the problems.

Thousands of Kansas City residents north of the river have been dealing with accumulating garbage for a while. It all came to a head after July 4. Jim's Disposal Service, which contracts with the city, had trouble keep up, for several reasons.

"Because of the holiday, the heat, some mechanical breakdowns and because of the amnesty program, which also means there's a lot more trash at the curb to pick up," said Chris Hernandez, City Hall spokesman.

The amnesty program allows citizens to put out extra trash twice a year, after Christmas and after Independence Day. In the short term, four crews have been added to the Northland routes. Like many trash services across the nation, lack of manpower is an issue.  

"Trash pickup is one of the most basic services and we need to make sure that the people we employ on behalf of the city to get the job done, they actually get the job done," Hernandez said.

The city manager and other officials who oversee trash and recycling will meet with Jim's Disposal Service, when they will talk about long term solutions to pickkup delays and possibly changes to the contract.

Kansas City residents who continue to have issues with trash and recycling can report them by calling 311, Hernandez said.

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