Don't throw that beer bottle in the trash

October 22, 2019 - 5:47 am

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When the brewers at Kansas City's biggest and most popular brewery realized how much glass they, and others across the metro were wasting, they decided it was time to do something about all that waste.

That's when Boulevard Brewing Company set up Ripple Glass, to fill the void left by Kansas City's recycling program, according to Marketing Manager Sarah Luebe. 

"Area businesses use nearly 200 million pounds of recycled glass every year," Luebe said. "So, [we knew> there had to be a way to recycle that glass instead of throw[ing> it into a landfill."

Now instead of a landfill, the glass ends up at Ripple's processing facility in Northeast Kansas City.

Clear glass finds a new home right here in the metro - it is transported to a third party partner and re-purposed into fiberglass insulation, extending the life of an old mason jar or candle holder by years and years. Dark glass is recycled as well. 

"The brown glass that we get in actually goes to a bottle manufacturer is Tulsa, Oklahoma," Luebe explained. "And they use the glass to make recycled beer bottles."

You can recycle your used, unwanted glass at dozens of locations across the metro, and in cities like Branson, Des Moines and Omaha - just look for the purple plastic drop off boxes.

It's a free service, and and easy way to go green and help support the local economy, too.

Head on over to the Ripple Glass website to find where you can recycle in your neighborhood. 

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