Early summer has HVAC techs working overtime in difficult conditions

June 14, 2018 - 6:00 am

The year without a spring continues with dangerously high heat indexes this week, which creates a health risk for people who work outside.

In Kansas City, freezing overnight temperatures persisted well past April 15, followed by warmer-than-usual conditions by the end of the month. The weather has created a lot of business opportunities, and headaches, for heating and cooling technicians.

Companies like Lee's Summit Heating and Cooling are doing everything they can to keep up with demand for their services. Technicians are handling more than simple seasonal tune-ups, because more people are running air conditioners sooner, said Steve Studer, company president.

"We usually have about 15 to 20 customers a day we have to put on a standby list," Studer said. "We've been working until it gets dark to try to get everybody cooling that needs to be cooling."

Jeff Lawrence with Anthony, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling the unusual temperatures are keeping his guys busy, too.

"We started out really warm this May, we went from winter to summer," Lawrence said. "It did catch a few of us off-guard, but at the same time, we already know how to deal with this weather, so we just started implemented our processes to ensure that we were safe and healthy."

According to the National Weather Service, Kansas City has recorded above normal temperatures 43 of the last 44 days, and the first day of summer still a week away.

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