Fall could be the best time to buy a house

October 17, 2019 - 4:00 am

Kansas City, MO - Spring and Summer may be the hottest time for the housing market, but if you're buying a home, now might be the right time. Fall is a buyers market and Real Estate Agent Jared Dunn with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services says home buyers face less competition this time of year.

"It's more about the mentality that there's more stuff going on and people are more engaged in other activities this time of year. Usually buying a home is not on people's minds like it is at the beginning of the year," according to Dunn.

He says there may be more negotiating power for homes that didn't sell through the Spring and Summer months. For sellers, that means more patience, especially with a slowing market. 

In the last couple of weeks the market has slowed down, according to Dunn. He says it's not necessarily dismal, but they haven't seen homes flying off the market in a number of days, or even hours like they had the last couple of years. 

Dunn says there's factors sellers should consider, like when the Chiefs' home games are.

"A lot of time we don't want to list. I've had this discussion with a lot of my sellers. If there's a Chiefs home game this weekend, if possible we should wait to list until next weekend because there' a lot of people preoccupied with those types of Fall activities. Especially with the Chiefs being so good this year," says Dunn. 

He likes that there's more time to do fun events for clients in the Fall. Dunn offers a pie giveaway event with a theme party where he can interact with clients and they get to take home a free pie. He says clients respond well to the event.

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