Family outraged at light sentence for killing bicyclist in traffic accident

August 17, 2018 - 7:46 am

A man who was under the influence of drugs when his car and hit and killed a 32-year-old Kansas City bicyclist was sentenced to at least 120 days in prison.

The sentence against 32-year-old Joseph Lasala was handed down Thursday in the April 2016 death of Anthony Saluto.

Saluto's mother, Lorrie Brown, says "A hundred and 20 days is not going to show this guy that his actions have consequences," said Lorrie Brown, Saluto's mother.

"We need the city to step up, and really invest in changes and invest in policies that are going to make it easier for someone walk down the street or ride their bike," said Michael Kelly, with Bike Walk KC. Kelley attended the sentencing hearing.

If Lasala successfully completes the 120-day sentence he will be on probation for five years. If he violates his probation, he would serve up to seven years in prison.

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