Five life sentences for 2014 killing of five people in South Kansas City

May 23, 2019 - 4:00 pm

Update 23May19 16:00

Kansas City, MO - Brandon Howell will serve life in prison, fives times over, for the death of five people in South Kansas City in September 2014.

A Jackson County judge sentenced Howell today, handing down five life sentences.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Lauren Barrett asked the judge to run the sentences consecutively to keep Howell from ever being released from prison, saying "there can be no chance ... that Brandon Howell is able to receive a parole hearing to be a free man in our community."

The judge agreed, and Howell will serve his sentences one after another. 

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Kansas City, MO - A Kansas City man has been convicted on five counts of murder in connection with the deaths of five people in one Kansas City neighborhood in 2014.

Brandon Howell was charged with five counts of first-degree murder and seven other felonies in connection with a crime spree in a south Kansas City neighborhood.

Court documents say Howell tried to steal a vintage Jaguar from one home, and severely beat the elderly couple who lived there, George and Ann Taylor. They later died at an area hospital.

Howell was also charged with shooting and killing the Taylors' neighbors, Lorene Hurst, her son Darrel Hurst, and Susan Choucron.

Howell fled the scene in a Toyota SUV stolen from one of the victims.

A jury convicted Howell on all counts Monday.

A sentencing date has yet to be set in this case (Edit: Howell was sentenced on 23May19).

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