Flying with firearms? No problem. Just follow the rules, says TSA

July 17, 2017 - 12:36 pm

Kansas City, MO - Officials with the Transportation Security Administration are issuing a strong warning for those who want to fly with firearms - follow the rules.

Nationwide, according to the TSA, there were nearly 3,400 incidents at US airports of improperly stowed or checked-in firearms. The numbers also inclde those who tried to pass through security checkpoints while carrying.

So far this year at KCI, 33 firearms have been confiscated from people who tried to board a plane while carrying.

Mark Howell, TSA spokesman, says the most common excuse is 'I packed the wrong bag'.

However, a traveler is not prohibited from flying with firearms, as long as they're stowed properly.

The firearm must be in a hard-sided case, and checked separately or inside other checked bags.  You may also check ammunition, but the it must be seperate from the firearm, and the firearm can not be loaded.

And the TSA says you must tell the agent at the counter when a firearm is in a checked bag.

If you get careless and leave your firearm in your carry-on, you could face local charges and a civil penalty of up to $12,000.


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