Full-contact women's football team looking for players

September 16, 2019 - 8:05 am

Kansas City, Mo - The newest football team in Kansas City is not what most are used to. 

"We are a full-tackle football team, I mean a full-tackle women's football team," said Christin Henderson, who plays on the offense line.

The Kansas City Lady Saints play full-speed American football, including helmets, shoulder pads, tackling, all the rough stuff.

Women's football has been around, and around Kansas City, for a while now. Through the years some teams have come and gone, some still exist, including the Spartans, the Storm, the Tribe and the Titans.

"I got started playing because I wanted to get back in shape and health," Henderson said. "(I) love the game of football and (girls are) always excluded growing up."

For people who have never stepped onto the gridiron, it can be difficult to imagine the sense of camaraderie, and the game is just plain fun, Henderson said. 

"It is the most liberating feeling ever to lay the smackdown on somebody," Henderson laughed.

The Lady Saints are just getting started. They're still looking for playes and sponsors. You can find them on Facebook now, and on the field in the spring.

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