Gardner, KS company creates safety kit for classrooms

November 15, 2019 - 6:33 am

Gardner, KS -  Nearly 150 school districts nationwide have added a small locked box to their classrooms.  Inside the box, which looks like a small safe, are supplies needed in case of emergency or attack. 

The kit contains gel pepper spray, a baton with a window break, trauma kit, safety vest, flex cuffs, high intensity strobe flashlight, and a whistle.

The company SafeDefend, based in Gardner, KS (on the edge of the KC Metro) developed the kit which can be activated by a fingerprint scan and swipe. 

"We're going to need immediate notification to the entire community that there's a threat in our school," said Doug Parisi with SafeDefend. "In a second, there's sirens and strobes going off across the entire building, so everybody knows there's a crisis."

The SafeDefend system also sends out an alert to local law enforcement of an emergency.

"Law enforcement is being notified, texts and email alerts are being sent throughout the district. Law enforcement is told exactly where in the building they need to respond, to where the crisis is," Parisi said. 


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