I-435 South Loop Link project progresses

October 14, 2019 - 6:06 am

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The I-435 South Loop Link Design-Build Project, stretching from Three Trails Crossing to State Line Road has been decades in the making.

MoDOT contractors are expanding the roadway to five lanes in both directions - the first ten-lane road in the metro.

Perry Allen, Assistant District Engineer for the MoDOT Kansas City District, told KMBZ that the roadway first opened in 1966 and was in desperate need of safety and traffic flow improvements. 

"This was the highest volume corridor in the Kansas City area, with the highest safety problem for crashes," Allen said. 

While drivers have been dealing with congestion and traffic-induced headaches for months now, Allen added that stretches of the road will be reopening to traffic soon.

"As we move down the road, as we move further west over the next month or so, all of that will start opening up," Allen said. "And then it will be free-flow conditions again."

The entire project won't actually be finished until May 1, 2020, as MoDOT crews continue to make improvements to the roadway.

Because of the way MoDOT tackled the work, a project that would have cost more than $90 million is only going to run Missouri taxpayers just north of $64 million. 

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