JoCo "Bad Moms" are bringing change online and in the community

July 15, 2019 - 4:00 am

Kansas City, KS - The pages of Facebook seemed to be filled with politics and hate these days, but one JoCo page is full of "Bad Moms" who are making a difference. 

Sammie Veltri moved to the area from California four years ago and had trouble connecting with other moms, so she created the Bad Moms of JoCo Facebook page. She chose the name because she's not perfect, and knows others are struggling as well.

"I like to go out and have fun with my family and friends, I use cuss words. I'm not a perfect mom and I wanted to meet moms that have that mentality," says Velti.

The page is there so others know they're not alone, but the group does more than just encourage moms on their page. The group also does a lot for the community. Velti says they do diaper drives, and volunteer time at Happy Bottoms. Right now they're working on a school supply drive, hoping to collect 50 backpacks this year. 

Veltri met her two best friends, Jessica and Erin, on the page who are now admins. Erin Wisemore says she's the shy one of the group and would be a hermit if it wasn't for the page.

"That's not good for anybody to just lockup and be inside. It gives you a spot to get out and actually have people to come meet up with and go do, and get ideas of  fun things to do that you maybe wouldn't have thought of yourself," explains Wisemore. 

They do have specific requirements to join the 5,500 member group. You must be a mom, no joint accounts, and you must live in the KC area.

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