Kansas City lawmaker presses for increase in Missouri's fuel tax

July 10, 2018 - 4:34 am

Republican Kevin Corlew says Missouri's roads and bridges are in bad shape, and the best way to raise money for improvements is an increase in the state's gasoline tax, which has not been adjusted upward in decades.

Unions, civic groups and other elected officials need to get behind the effort, Corlew said. Voters decide in November whether to boost the tax ten cents per gallon, phased in over four years.

This is not about bringing in the big bucks, Corlew said.

"Bringing our gas tax up to 27 cents would basically just keep us in line with inflation from what it was in the mid 90s," Corlew said. "Right now we fund our transportation at 47th in revenue per mile in the nation."

Analysts say the tax would generate an additional $288 million a year for the Missouri State Highway Patrol, with another $123 million for local governments and road construction.

The last time the gas tax went up in Missouri was in 1996. The retail price for gasoline has tripled since then.

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