Kansas City lawyer will keep fighting for justice after Ricky Kidd proved innocent

August 19, 2019 - 5:08 am

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ricky Kidd has his life back after he spent 23 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

But for his dedicated team of lawyers, including Tricia Bushnell, Executive and Legal Director for the Midwest Innocence Project, justice for Ricky is a welcome cause for celebration amid a bleak landscape for people their team believe may have been wrongfully convicted of a crime.

She said the cases are always an uphill battle and can take months, or years, to get through. 

"Some folks like Ricky Kidd? You know, his case was started and investigated by another individual in 2005," Bushnell explained. "And then that team just grew and grew and grew to several different types of appeals and the appeals can take forever. Now here we are, you know, alomost 15 years later."

Few states provide freed people with immediate support services to aid in their transition. Tragically, Missouri is not one of them. Help Ricky rebuild the life he always should have had. Follow the link below to donate, every bit helps. https://t.co/W3oXMbXOHj

— Midwest Innocence Project (@The_MIP) August 17, 2019
Organizations like the Midwest Innocence Project are fighting against a justice system which has determined a person is guilty of a crime, and Bushnell said bringing justice to people who had been denied it before can be emotionally draining. 

"I think what we don't talk about very much, and right now everyone is focusing so much because Mr. Kidd walked out,  but all the times that we all lost," Bushnell said. 

"The hardest thing for any of us is, when you lose, and you think, what if I can't do it?"

The urge to fight for those she believes were wrongfully convicted is much stronger than the emotional toll her work takes, Bushnell said, and she hopes to keep fighting for justice as long as she can. 

"If you want to know what hope is, you go talk to someone who's been wrongfully convicted and has been in prision for 20 years, and how they keep going?" Bushnell said. "If that doesn't inspire you and that doesn't give you hope about the human spriit, then I don't know what can."

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