KC mayor hesitant to shut down American Jazz Museum for reorganization

April 16, 2018 - 6:19 am

Kansas City Mayor Sly James is not sure the city should follow a consultant's recommendation that the American Jazz Museum temporarily close to give it time to correct issues with cash flow and leadership.

Museum Management Consultants, Inc. recommends the city consider a complete rethinking of the struggling tourist attraction. 

The museum hosted a three-day jazz festival in 2017 in which is lost close to $450,000. The city had to cover some of those losses.

Before making an irreversible decision, the mayor said he wanted to talk about the issue with City Manager Troy Schulte and the council members who represent the neighborhood.

"I think before we make any hard and fast statements, we probably out to have a conversation about the best way to proceed," James said.

James worries if the museum shuts down for a year, it might go away altogether, at a time when the city is investing millions to revitalize the18th and Vine entertainment district.

"I do know that there are some drastic changes that have to happen," the mayor said.

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