Lawrence professor wins appeal of immigration case

August 14, 2018 - 12:51 pm

New developments today in a local high-profile immigration case.

The Board of Immigration Appeals has decided to reopen Syed Jamal's case. He's the Lawrence professor who was nearly deported earlier this year.  

Jamal's attorney Rehka Sharma-Crawford tells KMBZ the decision means the immediate threat of deportation is over, but the case is far from closed.

"Mr. Jamal's case has now been sent back down to the immigration judge, where he is eligible to seek any form of relief that he has available to him under the law," she says. "At least for right now, removal is no longer imminent."

She calls it a good day for the Jamal family, who has been fighting for months to keep Jamal in this country.

He was arrested in front of his children on Jan. 24 outside of his home in Lawrence.


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