Leavenworth County politicians to hold forum about proposed chicken processing plant

September 13, 2017 - 4:55 am

State lawmakers are planning a community forum in Leavenworth County to talk about a planned chicken slaughterhouse that has some people upset. 

Tyson Foods plans to spend $320 million on a processing facility near Tonganoxie, and that is not setting well with a number of people.

There are several reasons for people to be concerned, said Jim Karleskint, state representative from Tonganoxie.

"It's rumored there will be odors coming from the plant itself," Karleskint said. "(There are) concerns about the chicken farm that will be cropping up because Tyson, in their announcement, said that they will butcher 1.3 million birds a week."

While the Tyson plant is expected to bring 1,600 jobs to town, most of the positions are low-paid, according to some who are protesting against the development. 

Karleskint is one of the organizers of the forum, which is Friday evening at 6:30. It's been moved to a new location, in Chieftan Park in Tonganoxie. 

State Rep. Willie Dove and State Sen. Tom Holland are also sponsors of the event.

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