Longtime KCPD traffic officer trades police cruiser for classroom

April 22, 2019 - 6:18 am

A 30-year veteran of the Kansas City Police Department is going from the streets to the classroom.

Joe Trombino spent more than 24 of his career working as a traffic officer. Trombino is known for his cheerful, upbeat attitude. A lot of motorists like him, even after receiving one of thousands of citations he has written over the years. 

Trombino has accepted a new assignment, teaching traffic enforcement at the police academy. Looking back on his career, Trombino says one of the most memorable stops he made involved a visibly pregnant driver, with a combative personality and a lead foot.

"She had my ticket book and refused to give it back at the time," Trombino said. "The second I found an opportunity to snatch my ticket book from her, she was very unhappy, but that would probably be one of the most bizarre stops that I've had."

In January Trombino was hit by a pickup truck while he was working at a Kansas City Chiefs game. The driver was not caught. Trombino decided it was time to make a change.

Trombino said he knows he will miss working on the streets, but teaching was always on his bucket list.

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