Mahomes likes ketchup on his steak and that means Kansas City might get a Whataburger

November 16, 2018 - 12:44 pm

It all started with ketchup.  On a steak.

Somehow, word got out that Patrick Mahomes, the new gunslinger for the Kansas City Chiefs, likes to put ketchup on his steaks.  The practice of which is some kind of faux pas in Kansas City. 

We've found Patrick Mahomes' only flaw: He likes ketchup on his steak @PatrickMahomes5 we need to talk...ketchup??!! Really!!??

— anne & tony (@Qnb72) November 14, 2018

Then, not to miss out on a nice marketing opportunity, Heinz (of the 57 varieties) offers the record breaking Chiefs' quarterback a deal. 

If Mahomes can get 57 touchdowns, the company will drench him in ketchup for life.

Hey @patrickmahomes5, you give us 57 touchdowns, we’ll give you Heinz on your steak for life.

— Heinz Ketchup (@HeinzKetchup_US) November 15, 2018


This is how things escalate.  Standout Kansas City burger maker Westport Flea Market takes 'offense' to a Pittsburgh company dictating when Mahomes can get ketchup, and offers free food and all the ketchup he can pour.

Press release

Kansas City's Westport Flea Market takes offense to a Pittsburgh ketchup manufacturer dictating when Patrick Mahomes can receive his ketchup. So beginning today, Patrick Mahomes eats free for life at Westport Flea Market and can enjoy unlimited free ketchup .

— Westport Flea Market (@bestburgerkc) November 16, 2018

THEN... here comes Whataburger.  The beloved burger chain based in San Antonio, Texas offers to send Mahomes some of its fancy ketchup.  

Hey @PatrickMahomes5, let us know where we should send this

— Whataburger® (@Whataburger) November 16, 2018

Mahomes is quite familiar with Whataburger having grown up in east Texas and having played college football for Texas Tech. Those of us in Kansas City... not so much.  The closest Whataburger to KC is down in Tulsa.

So, Mahomes says what he really wants is a Whataburger Restaurant in KC.

I just want a store in Kansas City!

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes5) November 16, 2018

And now it's become a thing on the internet. 

If Patrick Mahomes had the power to bring a single restaurant franchise to the area, what would you want most?

— Arrowhead Addict (@ArrowheadAddict) November 16, 2018


But, we're not sure even Mahomes' star power can land a Whataburger in Kansas City.  Afterall... Jon Wier, Rod Babcock and myself took a roadtrip to Tulsa to lobby the chain... and to eat.

And we also asked nicely on Twitter that they come open up here in Kansas City.  We're still waiting for a tweet back.

Meantime, Mahomes gets his first (of what will likely be many) cover of Sports Illustrated. So, there's plenty of folks who don't care what he puts on his steak. 

The prolific @PatrickMahomes5 gets his first SI cover in the 'Future Issue'

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) November 13, 2018




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