Missouri voters approve medical marijuana with strong support for Amendment Two

November 06, 2018 - 4:15 pm

Missouri overwhelmingly approved one of three competing ballot measures that all supported medical marijuana use in the state.

Amendment 2 had strong support at the polls, with the yes vote leading 65-35 over the no vote as the final numbers were tallied.

In reverse, Amendment 3, which would have also legalized medical marijuana, failed to gain traction with voters, and was defeated by a wide margin.

Amendment 2 was pushed by a coalition of patients, doctors and veterans called New Approach Missouri, and emphasized the value of medical marijuana for veterans.

A 4 percent sales tax goes to a newly-created fund for health and care services overseen by the Missouri Veteran's Commission. It will also allow for home grow of marijuana - up to 6 plants for those approved. The new system will be overseen by the state's Department of Health and Senior Services.

It is is expected to generate $18 million for the veteran's services and $6 million for local governments.



The competing Amendment 3, was financed almost exclusively by one man Brad Bradshaw, a Springfield personal injury attorney and medical doctor.  Opponents criticized a provision that would have given Bradshaw broad powers, essentially putting him in charge of the entirety of medical marijuana in the state.

The third measure, Proposition C, would have implemented a 2% sales tax on the sale of cannabis, and would have only been a state law.  But it too failed to spur enough support from voters. 

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