Newly-elected Sharice Davids seeks membership in transportation committee

November 08, 2018 - 7:23 am

Two days after voters in Kansas' 3rd Congressional District elected her, Sharice Davids says she is ready for her new position in Washington, D.C.

Davids said she ran for Congress because she wanted to see new leadership at the table. She would not commit to voting for Nancy Pelosi to the most powerful position in the House.

"I'm still looking to make sure that whoever I vote for Speaker is going to lay out a clear plan for how we're going to do things differently," Davids said.

The main theme of Davids' campaign was providing access to affordable health care. The 38-year-old who was born in Shawnee said she would like to serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

"Whether it was federal transit authority, federal highways, that background and those skillsets can be helpful as we look at building out our infrastructure," Davids said. 

Davids said infrastructure is an area that the Democratic House, Republican Senate and the White House could find common ground.

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