Coronavirus could cancel your next trip to the spa

Kansas City's Morning News
March 13, 2020 - 6:17 am

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- To to the average client at the Facial Bar in Downtown Kansas City, everything seems normal. But below the surface, this crack team of aestheticians is on war footing.

They're fighting off the novel Coronavirus, the pandemic sweeping the world, and that fight could result in the Facial Bar closing their doors for a while.

Cecilia Smith, founder and owner of the Facial Bar, told KMBZ they're preparing for whatever COVID-19 throws their way. 

"We definitely have intentionally created a culture of overall wellbeing of our team, whenever we're making decisions big or small," Smith explained. "That definitely includes obviously the physical health aspect of this virus, but also the financial wellbeing [of our business and employees] as well."

For now, aestheticians are sanitizing everything, even more than usual. Employees are wiping down surfaces galore, from door handles to iPads, and are refraining from shaking hands with clients until the situation improves.

Before things get better, though, they could get worse. Smith said that if the Facial Bar has to close for a short time, the company will help employees out so they feel less of a pinch. 

"The way we pay our team is called team-based pay, and that has basically been preparing us for a situation like this that could arise," Smith said. "We'll be able to financially help out our team a little bit in that aspect if we were to have to close."

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