Northland teens travel to MIT for prestigious competition

January 22, 2020 - 2:22 pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Brandon Azim/Author) -- A group of Northland students are on their way to the Science Olympiad at one of the world's most prestigious scientific schools, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Northland Christian High School is sending a team of 13 students. It will be the first time anyone from the school will compete in the MIT event.

"A lot of people don't get jazzed about science competitions, but this one will have you on your feet," said Jesse Camacho, coach of the olympiad team. 

Seniors Marina Tresenriter and London Eichelberger will compete in the forensics event. They will use scientific techniques to solve a crime.

"This is a huge competition," Marina said. "How well were going to place, I'm not sure. I'm really hopeful, but just being able to experience the whole event entirely is just really surreal and pretty cool."

"I'm just really excited to just have the overall experience and to remember that as part of my senior year," London said.

"When you go to a tournament like this, where there'll be hundreds of students, hundreds of competitors, that can get the blood flowing and get students excited," Camacho said. "My goal, my hope, is to get these students excited about science."

Another competition is called Wright Stuff, in which students try to build the best self-propelled airplanes.

"It's a rubberband-powered plane and we've actually built four of them," said Kate Day, a sophomore. "They're each unique in different ways, but all end up in the air flying."

"It took us a long time to make (the airplanes)," said Joseph Camacho, a sophomore and the coach's son. "That's probably one of our main events, so we've been working that for a while."  

Seventy teams from around the country will compete in the Olympiad. 

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