Not much change expected in Missouri following Supreme Court voter ruling

June 13, 2018 - 4:33 am

Officials around the country are reassessing their policies after a Supreme Court ruling that upholds state efforts to purge their voter roles.

The Monday ruling means that states are allowed to remove people from voting rolls if they fail to vote in two consecutive election cycles, but only if election officials suspect that a voter has moved. The officials must send a confirmation notice before removing a voter's name.

Missouri already has that basic system in place, said Shawn Kieffer, Director at the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners.

"People, whenever they do move from our jurisdiction, they generally don't move or cancel their voter registration," Kieffer said.

Voters changing addresses creates a buildup in official logs. The election board makes an effort to contact voters through the mail, but if the mail is returned twice, then the voter is considered inactive.

"If they show up to vote, then they're put back in active status," Kieffer said. "We update their address, whatever it takes, they are a good voter."

If a voter moves, they should be sure to update his or her address, either online or at any state or federal building in the area, Kieffer said. 

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