Officials expect contentious negotiations over inmate fees at Jackson County Jail

July 02, 2018 - 6:14 am

Disagreement over the cost of housing Jackson County Jail inmates could lead to heated discussions.

Some county officials have complained about the low $54 per diem cost that Kansas City pays for each person incarcerated at the jail. Jackson County accountants say it spends more than $100 a day for each inmate.

It's not crunch time yet, said Scott Wagner, Kansas City Mayor Pro Tem.

"If anybody thinks that all-of-a-sudden, there's no place to put bad guys, that's not true," Wagner said. "That jail will still operate and still allow for Kansas City prisoners to go there."

Wagner said the city will not double it's per prisoner outlay and he expects lengthy negotiations. The current contract was signed in 2014.

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