Olathe man promotes respect over rudeness in social media posts

November 14, 2018 - 6:16 am

Barry Sutherland noticed something he doesn't like in social media; it's too easy to post venomous messages meant for people you will never meet in person.

Sutherland was challenged at church to live his best life online. That's when he took not of a disturbing trend that he believes needs to change.

"Just the amount of people that are out there, angry, yelling at each other online, and using social media to tear each other down," Sutherland said.

So Sutherland decided to make a simple proposition. He calls it the #KindTweetingChallenge.

"What if I did something that could change things?" Sutherland asked himself. "Why can't it be me? I figured, what if one spark could fan a whole flame into a fire?"

Sutherland hopes people will rethink how they use social media, and choose to be courteous instead of hurling insults. He hopes his friends and followers will helping him spread the message.

I didn't realize that it was #WorldKindnessDay, but it totally goes along with the #KindTweetingChallenge I've been tweeting about. Who's ready to be kind on Twitter for a week?

— Barry Sutherland (@sustainableguy) November 13, 2018
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