Olathe shares traffic data to give drivers in-car information

May 16, 2018 - 7:27 am

The City of Olathe is taking part in a public-private partnership that officials hope will save commuters time behind the wheel of the vehicles.

New technology allows drivers of certain vehicles to receive messages, including one that tells them how long before a red light turns green.

Olathe is sharing data from its traffic system with several companies who are taking that information stream, analyzing it, then transmitting messages that can help drivers.

Audi is the first auto maker to take advantage of the service, said David Kumke, Olathe traffic operations manager.

Companies are also working on technology that can tell motorists how fast to drive if they want to avoid red lights and pass smoothly through greens. 

Olathe leaders hope more car makers will roll out similiar features in the future.

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