Pit bull lovers anticipate victory as WyCo reconsiders its ban on the breed

May 22, 2019 - 6:58 am

As the Unified Government in Wyandotte County is getting closer to putting an end to its ban on pit bull dogs, one advocate says it's about time. 

The ban on the breed in Kansas City, Kansas goes back almost three decades. People found in violation of the code have been subject to fines of at least $300 and no more than $1000. This week a UG committee recommended overturning the ordinance. The full commission votes next week.

Singling out a single breed for biting incidents is not the way to go, said Danielle Reno of Unleashed Pet Rescue.

Local governments across the country enacted pit bull bans after reports of horrifying attacks. Some dogs have been bred fighting. The animals are well-known for their muscular builds and powerful jaws.  

"Protecting the community from a dangerous dog or the community's pets from a dangerous dog is a lot more intelligent, and will be a lot more effective," Reno said. "Anyone that owns a pet whatsoever should be responsible with that pet. The law is having the opposite effect of what it was intended to have."

Reno said she has no doubt the commission will lift the ban. She believes it should be replaced with what she called a dangerous dog law that would deal with behavior, not breed.

In 2006, 71-year-old Jimmie Mae McConnell died as the result of a pit bull attack in Kansas City, Kansas. But pit bull advocates say a dangerous dog is determined by training and environment, not the breed.

The ASPCA has released a statement on the subject:  “A well-socialized and well-trained pit bull is one of the most delightful, intelligent, and gentle dogs imaginable.”

The term "pit bull" can be considered a misnomer. The term is often used to describe multiple breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Bull Terrier, The American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.   

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