Romance readers, aspiring writers to gather for Romance GenreCon this weekend

August 01, 2018 - 11:49 am

Romance readers and aspiring writers from all over Kansas City will swoon this weekend when they get to meet some of their favorite romance novelists.  

Among them, Janna MacGregor, a former Kansas City divorce attorney turned writer.  She made the career swap after finding a novel in a tiny bookstore in the Tampa airport.

"On the bottom shelf, there was a little romance section. There was only one historical and it was by author Eloisa James. Well I fell in love with it.  I started emailing her and she emailed me back.  We became friends. She was the one that suggested that I write a romance," MacGregor told KMBZ.

She writes Regency-era novels, all set in England in the early 1800s, giving her plenty of research to do. 

"Because I am an attorney, I love reading these history books basically about the laws of marriage, property laws, etc," she says. 

And research also gives MacGregor an excuse to travel overseas.  Her husband, on their most recent trip to England, set up a private tour of a duke's London home. When the estate manager asked why she was so interested in the details of the home, MacGregor says she can use those details in period-appropriate scenes in her books.

MacGregor has been writing since 2013 and has already had four books published.

The Romance GenreCon is set for this Friday and Saturday at the Mid-Contentient Public Library's Woodneath Library Center.  There are several writing classes, an authors panel, and a meet-and-greet costume tea party. Check out the full list of events and to register here.  

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