SafeDefend System serves as panic alarm, safety kit

November 15, 2019 - 6:33 am

GARDNER, Kan. -- A Gardner-based company has created a tool to ensure safety in school classrooms.

Doug Parisi, with SafeDefend, said it looks like a safe.

When the tool is activated, a door on the safe swings open to allow teachers to access tools to keep the classroom safe. He said it does more than that though.

"We're going to need immediate notification to the entire community that there's a threat in our school," Parisi explained. "In a second, there's sirens and strobes going off across the entire building, so everybody knows there's a crisis."

The SafeDefend system would also notify law enforcement of an ongoing emergency situation at the school.

"Law enforcement is being notified, texts and email alerts are being sent throughout the district. Law enforcement is told exactly where in the building they need to respond, to where the crisis is," Parisi said. 

In just over a year, SafeDefend has foudn its way into nearly 150 school districts nationwide. 

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