Search continues for runaway sisters from Tonganoxie

October 11, 2017 - 5:38 am

Three sisters, last seen at a Tonganoxie foster home, are reported missing and police are becoming more concerned.  

The girls are believed to have left the foster home in a coordinated effort in August and may be in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. All three girls were under the care of a family member in the foster home. The parents had lost custody, and they claim they have not seen the girls or know of their whereabouts. 

The girls are identified as Christin Utter, 12, Aimee Utter, 14 and Emily Utter, 15. 

"We worry about things like sex trafficking, illegal drug usage, they're not in school and they're not being held accountable by any positive figure that we can count on right now," said Lt. Jerrod Gill, Tonganoxie Police. 

Detectives have followed leads from Joplin to Kansas City. Evidence indicates the girls are in the Kansas City area, they have been spotted together and they are likely getting some kind of help to remain on the run, Gill said.

The girls left without cell phones or money. 


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