"Slow down and pay attention": Veteran KC bus driver reveals

August 20, 2019 - 5:08 am

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. --When you're driving home after a long day and you end up behind a school bus, will you slow down and stop when that red sign goes out?

As it turns out, a lot of drivers won't. But they should, said Jim Carroll, a bus driver with the Kansas City Christian School, who has been driving for 15 years.

He told KMBZ that most accidents involving school buses are caused by distracted drivers. 

"What really irritates me is when I look at these people, and they're drinking coffee, on their phone, or even a couple of times, I've seen them on their computers," Carroll said. 

Many drivers don't follow basic road laws when encountering a school bus, Carroll explained. 

"Even with the stop sign out and the cross bar up, I guess they just want to get to where they want to go, and forget everybody else," Carroll said. "They're going to pass everyone up so they can get to where they need to go on time."

While Carroll has to deal with drivers not paying attention, his responsibility is to get kids to their destination safe and sound. And that always puts a smile on his face. 

"When I get them to their sporting events or activities when we go on field trips and stuff, just seeing their expressions when we get there and how much fun they have when they did what they did, shows appreciation," Carroll said. 

So next time you're behind a school bus and in a hurry, remember that the safety of the kids on board is much more important than saving a couple minutes on your daily commute. 

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