Smart speakers can be hacked by laser pointers

November 06, 2019 - 4:00 am

Kansas City, MO - Smart dot devises from Amazon, Apple, and Google have made life easier by locking and unlocking doors, turning on or off lights, and even controlling your security system with just a voice command, but what if someone else gains access to your devise? TJ Nelson, Cyderes team lead with Fish Tech Group says researchers have discovered these devises can be hacked with a simple tool. 

"What these researchers have been able to do is take lasers, point them at the microphones to trick the devises into listening in to the information that the lasers are actually sending in to it," according to Nelson.

If the devise is visible through a window or door, the laser can send commands from a distance.

 "Very sensitive things in the home, such as unlocking locking doors, turning off security systems, changing lights and temperatures in the house," explains Nelson.

He says there are ways to protect yourself, such as moving the devise out of sight and adding a password to access voice commands.

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