Some Northland businesses begin to feel the pinch

October 08, 2019 - 5:30 am

KANSAS CITY, MAO. -- At 5:30 Monday afternoon, the line of cars waiting at the stoplight near the 169 overpass on Englewood Road in the northland stretched out of view.

That's become a daily occurrence in the area, which at one time was congestion free.

The cause of the traffic? A major, multi-million dollar road project, stretching from just past 169 to the east and Waukomis Drive to the west, which is beginning to hurt the bottom line at some businesses in the area.

Tom Malaponte owns Mr. T's Liquors, just off of 169 and Englewood. He's been there for 32 years, and he told KMBZ business has never been this slow. 

"Business is off," Melaponte said. "We've still got our regulars who come in. I mean, we've still got our regulars who come in, but it's inconvenient, with traffic backed up in one lane up and down the street. It's inconvenient. They want to get in and get out."

At other area shops and restaurants, it's the same story...the ongoing project, which has been underway for nearly 18 months, is bad for business.

There is some good news, though, for those business owners. David Miller, Project Manager for the Kansas City Capital Projects Division, said the eastern portion of the work will be complete soon.


"The east half from the school to Highway 169 should be wrapping up by the end of this month, right around Halloween," Miller said. 

That leaves the western half of the project left to finish, from Englewood Elementary west to Waukomis Drive, slated to wrap up sometime next Summer.

That leaves at least some area businesses and residents with a sliver of hope that things may return to normal soon. 

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