Still worried about deportation, Syed Jamal calls for immigration reform

November 14, 2018 - 5:35 am

Syed Jamal, the college chemistry teacher whose near-deportation drew national attention to Lawrence, told his story at a roundtable discussion at Park University, and he expressed hope that others could be spared the trouble he has experienced.

Jamal was arrested at his home in Lawrence last January. ICE agents handcuffed Jamal before he had time to say goodbye to his wife and three children. 

Jamal, who had been in the United State more than 30 years, was jailed multiple times and just short of being sent back to his native Bangladesh before he was finally granted a stay. He is calling for changes in immigration policy, something he believes could be more likely, in light of last week's mid term elections.

"That might look like getting all these women who have been elected, and send them to the Senate," Jamal said. "(We can) have a big debate, convince the people to find middle ground in immigration reform."

Jamal said he checked in with immigration officials regularly, although his work visa had expired. He expected a hearing in April, but said he was told it could come later this month.

Deportation is still a worry for him, Jamal said.

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