Super fan paints huge portraits of Chiefs players and displays them at home

January 10, 2019 - 9:52 am

A Chiefs fan is taking team pride to a whole new level outside his home along Gateway Avenue in Riverside.

On his front lawn, Jeff Parson has put up a 20-foot-tall portrait of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He painted it himself. Parson also has a portrait of tight end Travis Kelce, and he is working on one of wide receiver Tyreek Hill. 

"I do have one more board and a lot of silver paint, so Super Bowl trophy?" Parson told KMBC Channel 9 News. "I'd hate to have that go to waste, so come on guys!"

A lot of fans from around the metro have gone to his house to watch him work on the portraits. Parson says a lot of people honk with approval as they pass by, which wakes him up. He works the overnight shift.

Some people are amazed at the quality of Parson's productions, knowing he has no formal training as an artist.

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