Survey: Skittish teens waiting longer to get driver's licenses

December 18, 2018 - 6:18 am

A trend has been developing for years in which teenagers are less enthusiastic about learning to drive, and a key factor in their decision appears to be fear.

Nationwide, fewer young people are taking driver's education courses at private companies. School districts have been eliminating driver's ed programs for years. 

Joan Peterson at Double Team Driving School in Overland Park has not seen a drop-off in younger students, but she does see more non-traditional drivers.

"The demographic might be changing a little -- that doesn't mean there are any less teens that are doing it through the driving school -- there are just more people," Peterson said. "You'll have students that are older and coming from other countries."

A national survey from car insurance engine The Zebra asked teenagers why fewer of them are itching to get a driver's license. One out of four said fear, the top response, followed by high cost, environmental concerns and preferring having someone else drive.

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