There are words we use regularly, that maybe we shouldn't

July 12, 2019 - 2:37 pm

Kansas City, MO - There are words we use regularly, but they might be starting to get a derogative meaning. We all know what the r-word is, and that we shouldn't use it. Words like crazy and insane are starting to have the same impact. Joe Thorne, Clinical Coordinator with Advent Health says words like these build a stigma against mental illness.

"I guess it's two fold. First, people with mental illnesses are offended by those words. The bigger picture here is how those words contribute to the mental health stigma," explains Thorne.

He says we shouldn't label people by their illness. We need to use "people first" terms, such as an individual with an illness, instead of labeling them by the illness. He feels labeling all mental illnesses under the same umbrella should be avoided. 

Thorne warns, "We shouldn't call someone a schizophrenic, we shouldn't call someone bi-polar, we really shouldn't even be calling someone an addict."

He says grouping people into a stigma can push them to avoid treatment. He says we need to make sure people feel comfortable with themselves.

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