Violence-weary activist calls for third-annual weekend cease fire in Kansas City

July 27, 2018 - 7:49 am

Ronell  Bailey is tired of gunshots, grieving mothers and funerals for young people.

Bailey organized Operation Cease Fire KC, an effort to get a handle on the senseless violence that plagues the streets of Kansas City.

"Our objective is to raise awareness for all the gun violence going on in our city," Bailey said.

This year marks the 3rd cease fire effort. A weekend of activities is planned at a south Kansas City church, and Sunday, barshops are getting involved. 

"We have seven barbershops that are going to be open seven in the morning to seven in the evening to cut hair for free," Bailey said.

Somehow, people need to change their mindset before they pull the trigger, Bailey said.

"Let me find a different solution to the problems I have going on, maybe go talk to someone, maybe reach out to a mentor in the neighborhood, go to a barbershop talk with some barbers," he said.

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