What in the world is your teen saying?

August 20, 2019 - 4:00 am

Kansas City, MO - The 80's gave us totally tubular, and "gag me with a spoon." The 90's,"as if" and "you're all that and a bag of chips," but if you're having trouble keeping up with today's lingo, maybe this will help. We asked a few adults to decode these popular phrases. 

What if I were to to tell you, "That person is so extra?" 
They're response, "Very special, they're extraordinary, too much Scott Parks." The actual meaning: that person is a little too much.

What if someone told you, "you're a snack" 
 "You're really into somebody, yummy, can I eat you, and you're hot." The actual answer: you look good. 

 If your strutting some new shoes, your kids might tell you "They're Gucci." What might that mean?
"A designer, very expensive, dead trendy." Your kids are trying to tell you that your shoes are cool. 

When you hear "that girl is snatched," There's no need to panic. She hasn't been kidnapped, but what does it mean?
Our adults were a little off with their guesses. "That girl is essentially white-trash, she met her love interest on Snapchat, she's engaged or married, she's taken. None of those are correct, the phrase means she looks amazing. 

You might be told to "hop off," and you're going to want to know what this means. None of the adults we asked had any idea.
"Can you move, get off my back, get off the boat, step off." This one means to mind your own business. 

If you're still confused, it might help if used in a full sentence: This quiz might be a little "extra,"  but go-on strutting in your "Gucci" New Balance, because you're looking like a "snack" and you just might hear that you're "snatched," so everyone can just "hop off" and let you do you, boo.

This quiz might be too much, but walk briskly in your cool New Balance shoes, because you look good, and you might be told how amazing you look. So, everyone can mind their own business, because you're just being who you are. 

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