Will the Autumn color be a dud this year in KC?

October 23, 2019 - 4:59 am

Kansas City, MO - This year, Autumn colors could be less vibrant and may not be around for very long.

Moisture, sunlight, temperature and fungus can make or break those beautiful Fall colors, and if the conditions are wrong, ugly yellow and brown leaves can quickly paper the ground, according to Bill Graham, with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

"It's a matter of the sunlight and the temperatures working all together," Graham said. "On some of the trees, it's less day length, and cloudy days. That means less sunlight and less chlorophyll production, and the leaves will turn yellow."

Comparing one location to another, even in close proximity, can be difficult, too. Leaves are turning later than normal this year, but that doesn't mean that there won't be any color, there may just be less of it in fewer spots. 

You're probably noticing the leaves gradually changing across the area. We should start seeing a rapid transition into full-blown fall colors within a week or two. pic.twitter.com/od84YhaMpw

— NWS Kansas City (@NWSKansasCity) October 22, 2019

"Some trees just react quick[ly> and some take their time," Graham explained. "Maybe is what the weather was in that neighborhood versus what the weather was in another neighborhood."

Graham said that if you want to go hunting for the best fall colors in KC, check out Brookside Boulevard or Ward Parkway in the next week or two.

Or if you are really looking for a treat, head north of the river and follow Missouri 45 Highway along the river bluffs, which he promises offers stunning views, year-round. 

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