Window clings offered to families with special needs members by JOCO Sheriff's Office

February 12, 2018 - 6:02 am

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office wants to help citizens with special needs by handing out informational window cling stickers. 

The clings read, "Special Needs Person May Not Respond to Verbal Commands." They can help inform first responders of how they may communicate with a person with autism, poor hearing or any other condition.

Dep. Dylan Hurt said a woman approached him during an event to ask where she could get one for her family, and he had nothing to offer her. That was the inspiration to have the clings made. 

"We can use it on houses or we can use it on vehicles," Hurt said. "It would definitely help officers when they approach a vehicle, especially if there's a car accident or something like that, and the same with any first responders that go to a house."

The window clings are available through the Johnson County Sheriff's Office. 

Hurt said demand has been strong.

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