Wyandotte County to T-Bones: You're out!

August 20, 2019 - 6:58 am

Kansas City, KS - The Unified Government of Wyandotte County delivered an eviction letter to the T-Bones baseball club.

The T-Bones are members of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, and not affiliated with MLB. 

The T-Bones have been ordered to vacate the ballpark at the Legends in western Wyandotte County because the club has defaulted on its payments.

The organization has made only three out of its last 48 payments, said Mike Taylor, UG spokesman.

"If you missed the mortgage on your house for almost four years, I doubt that your lender would let you stay in the house and say, I'll give you some more time," Taylor said.

The eviction notice says the team is behind $358,439.53 in current payments to the Board of Public Utilities, $328,749.77 in past due utilities costs and $75,545.10 in arrears for its lease.

"We've done a number of things to help them stay viable," Taylor said. "We just can't responsibly allow them to stay when they've made no attempt, and have been unable to make the payments."

The team has been ordered to leave the stadium and remove all of its property by September 13th, 11 days after the end of the regular season.

As of Tuesday morning, the T-Bones were four games out of first place in their division, so it is possible they could make the playoffs, which will last until as late as September 16.

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